Volkswagen will keep its electric cars updated from the cloud

Volkswagen has taken a further step in its digital strategy by making wireless Over the Air updates available to its customers and ID electric vehicles , as is the case, for example, with mobile devices.

Available immediately for the ID.3 and ID.4 models, these updates will serve to improve and expand the existing functions in these high-tech cars, and the idea is to be able to do so at intervals of no more than twelve weeks. In this way, resources such as driving aids, cameras, sensors or lighting systems can work more precisely and even increase their performance.

“Vehicles that always have the latest software on board can deliver an excellent digital customer experience and are therefore of the utmost importance to our future success,” says Thomas Ulbrich. Head of Technical Development of the Volkswagen Executive Committee.

The development of this technology is being carried out by the software company Cariad, belonging to the Volkswagen Group, and it is a first step to later create new business models with services and functionalities tailored to each client.