Shh! Don’t Share This Custom Soccer Balls Insider Secret

The surprising amount of retailers that provide soccer balls might make it difficult to decide which brand to buy since there are so many options. “how much does a soccer ball cost?” is the post’s solution. If you are looking to purchase a whole team, getting a complete set of soccer balls is more cost-effective than buying each ball separately.

The Sterling Athletics Top custom soccer balls provide outstanding quality, a fantastic feel, and dependable accuracy all in one package. The cover we use results from scientific engineering, ensuring a uniform ball flight and spin. Because it is lined on the inside with four layers of twisted polyester, our butyl bladder can keep its air and provides reliable performance for a long time regardless of the weather.


  • The minimum quantity per order is forty soccer balls.
  • Estimated Time to Complete: 60–120 Days (Depending on Shipment Method Chosen)
  • Available in the following sizes: Official Size 5, Size 4, Size 3, and Mini Size 1
  • Case Quantity: 40 Pieces for Each Size Available
  • The TPU ball has 3.5 millimeters of thickness.
  • All-Weather Indoor and Outdoor Use

Soccer ball annual cost

Investing in custom soccer balls of somewhat higher quality might cost you less money in the long term. As an example, a soccer ball of size 3 has the potential to endure for three years. If your child plays soccer from three to five, the annual expense for a ball that costs thirty dollars will be just ten dollars.

Soccer balls can endure far longer than that, especially when used by younger players who do not kick as forcefully. While I managed a local youth soccer franchise, I saw some of the size 3 soccer balls endure for as long as five years. Because of the quantities we purchased, we were able to get them at a substantial discount, which brought down the amount we spent on soccer balls annually.

The number of times a ball is kicked and whether or not it is left outdoors have a role in determining how long it will remain usable. It is possible that an excessive number of wet/dry and heat/cold cycles would limit its life, which will result in an increase in the typical cost per year for any given soccer ball. If a soccer ball is not properly maintained, it will wear out more quickly, which can drive up the overall cost.

Expensive soccer balls

There is a wide range in price for soccer balls, and sometimes it may be difficult to grasp why some are more costly than others. It is dependent on the material that they are composed of. The material that each soccer ball is constructed from is one of the aspects that contributes significantly to the price disparity between them.

Polyurethane is used in the production of all of the more costly types of soccer balls. To keep the price down, cheaper soccer balls are either constructed of a combination of polyurethane and PVC or are manufactured entirely of PVC.

The kind of bladder used and the number of layers constructed into the ball determine how much a soccer ball will cost. The more costly balls will have numerous layers of cotton and polyester, which will make the ball more robust, help it keep its form, and make it feel nicer when touched.