Someone is joking about the Nobel Prize call, Abdul Razzaq Gurnah

Abdul Razzaq Gurnah says that when the call to win the Nobel Prize came, someone seemed to be joking.

Reacting to the Nobel Prize, Abdul Razzaq Garnah, a world-renowned Tanzanian writer who won the Nobel Prize for Literature, said he was making tea when the phone rang.

“After hearing the report, he told the caller to get out of here and leave me alone,” he said.

Abdul Razzaq Gurnah, 73, is the third Muslim writer to win the Nobel Prize in Literature.

Abdul Razzaq Gurnah, a 73-year-old novelist from Tanzania, won the 2021 Nobel Prize in Literature.

According to foreign media reports, the author of the Nobel Prize in Literature, Abdul Razzaq Gurnah, has included the problems of refugees and the effects of migration on the world in his writings.

According to foreign media reports, the committee nominating Abdul Razzaq Gurnah for various civilizations, migration and its effects, the difficulties faced by refugees, and the attitudes towards them is very simple. Explained and highlighted in his writings in words.

According to foreign media reports, author Abdul Razzaq Gurnah has published 10 novels and books based on short stories, his most famous novel is ‘Paradise’ which was published in 1994.

 Abdul Razzaq Gurnah has written in English, focusing on issues such as refugee issues, wars, poverty, endangered cultures, and human migration.

It is believed that the Nobel Prize-winning novelist Abdul Razzaq Gurnah is the first Tanzanian writer to be awarded the Nobel Prize.