How to Make Your Kids Birthday More Fun

Kids love to have fun. You know this. It’s why you let them watch as much TV as they want and still expect them to excel in school. But what if you could take the same approach to plan their birthday parties? That’s right, bring on the bounce houses, clowns, and ice cream! Here are some simple ways to make sure your kid has the best party of all time:

Hire an entertainer

Hiring an entertainer is a great way to do it if you’re looking to add some excitement to your kid’s birthday. You can hire someone who will perform magic tricks (like this awesome magician), someone who will make balloon animals and paint faces (like this balloon artist and face painter), or even hire a clown for some laughs!

We have been to many kids birthday parties and have found that the entertainers who come in and do all of these things are well worth their money. They will keep your son or daughter entertained while also providing entertainment for the rest of your guests too!

If hiring an entertainer is a bit much, you can always get some clown costumes and put together a little funny show yourself. You can try doing magic tricks and if it doesn’t work, you can say it was all part of the clown show!

Rent a bounce house

The bounce house is a staple of any good birthday party. You’re going to need one, and you can rent it in a variety of sizes and styles.

If you have a large group, consider renting multiple bounce houses. You may want to rent one for the kids (and possibly their parents), and another for the adults (and possibly their children). Or maybe everyone can just share? It’s up to you!

The important thing is figuring out what would be most fun for everyone involved—the kids, the parents, even grandparents and other relatives who might be coming into town for this special occasion.

Get a party planner

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and don’t have a lot of time to plan your child’s birthday party, hire a party planner. They will help you with everything from choosing the menu to putting together the decor. You can even hire them to plan the activities, entertainment and venue if you want! The best part is that they’ll do all of this while giving you the freedom to relax at home while they take care of everything else.

Buy theme-based decorations.

You want it to be memorable, but not too much so. Make sure the theme is appropriate to the age of the child and age-appropriate (a children’s birthday party doesn’t need to be filled with scary decorations). Also, consider what time of year it is: if it’s cold outside, snowflakes would probably look best at Christmas; if it’s hot outside, don’t use palm trees on your cake. There are loads of stores that let you get theme-based decorations, but you can take it a step further with Smiffys. On that website, you can get also get theme-based costumes to go with your decorations and add a bit of fun to the event.

Finally, think about where you’re celebrating your kid’s birthday: if they’re having a backyard bash at home—but have invited all their friends from school—they might not appreciate having their face painted like SpongeBob Squarepants or wearing a crown made out of cardboard boxes with balloons attached to each corner.

There are so many different ways to make your child’s birthday party fun and exciting, and I think it’s important that we don’t miss out on any of them. We want our kids to have a good time and make memories so they can look back on their childhood with fondness when they grow up!